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Rated 4. Liz is a retired teacher and Professor Emeritus at Kellogg Community College, where she taught history and psychology for 40 years.

Holdings: Ebay rescue profit maker /

She helped develop Heritage Battle Creek magazine and other works of local history. Her hobbies include researching local history, reading, bird watching and gardening. Jody is a life-long Battle Creek resident who graduated from Hope College. She taught 11th and 12 grade English at Athens High School for 40 years and also Lakeview Adult Education one night a week for 26 years.

Since retirement, she has been a volunteer at the Historical Society Archives and served as the secretary for the organization. Debbie has been consistently working toward educating herself to make healthier life choices for more than a decade.

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She has studied the effects of commonly used household and personal care products, as well as more natural and chemical free alternative. Debbie feels that while we cannot eliminate all of the harmful effects of our fast past, convince based way of life, it is important to be able to make educated choices. Maryssa is a small business owner who is passionate about guiding people in finding their purpose, and making their homes fit that purpose.

She has a small hobby farm with goats, chickens, a garden and three dogs. Carli has spent 15 years as a professional psychic medium and worked with the properties of stones and gems. She was born gifted as a psychic medium and loves to teach others how they can develop their own psychic abilities. Her metaphysical classes include dream interpretation, Tarot interpretation, Theban alphabet and traditional ink writing, herbal medicine, chakra and aura reading, astral travel, guided meditation, the history of gods and goddesses, and a wide variety of psychic communication methods and tools.

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She is the owner of Bewitching Wares. Kathy is the President of Energy Pathways, Inc. Since , Kathy has lead individuals into a higher vibration lifestyle. She uses coaching strategies and energy balancing techniques to help her clients transform their perspectives and remove blocks, both physically and non-physically.

By doing this, each client opens up to the vibration of the success they desire. Paul specializes in teaching fun science to people of all ages. Since then, he has retired from the police department, completed his associate degree at KCC in , and has the distinction of being the very first graduate of Miller College where he completed his Bachelor of Applied Science in Career Technology in In this role, he works with KCC students to help them better use technology to improve their performance and enhance learning. She is a certified hypnotherapist, ordained minister and Reiki master.

Dennis specializes in wealth management for retirees and pre-retirees nearing retirement. He is knowledgeable in helping clients invest for income and growth in their portfolio with an overriding emphasis on risk management. He advises clients on IRA strategies to help maximize distributions and avoid the pitfalls and mistakes made by many retirees.

In the past 25 years, Dennis has assisted over a thousand clients to help plan to pursue their investment and income goals.

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She is a self-taught writer and has been writing for 30 years and sharing her love of language with others for over 15 years as a teacher. Currently, she serves as the English Department coordinator and professor at Davenport University and works at both the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo campuses. Simon A.

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Thalmann is a writer and photographer from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Thalmann currently lives with his wife and their 8-year-old daughter in Kalamazoo, and can be reached with questions, comments and other inquiries at thalmanns kellogg. It helps align and balance the mind, body and breath connection.

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Anyone can enjoy a gentle yoga practice. Practicing yoga will create a better range of motion and lubrication in the joints. It strengthens the muscle to bone structure and promotes a well-balanced body. Everyone is welcome to make yoga their own individual practice and take it at a comfortable pace. The advantages of yoga really do last a lifetime! Brett retired from the Battle Creek Police Department after 25 years of service, that included 20 years on the ERT Emergency Response Team , 12 years as a defensive tactics instructor, and he has also been involved in MMA for over 10 years. She works extensively in Integrated Pest Management and Plant Diagnostics, food crops, aquatic invasive species and volunteer management.

George has had an intense interest in 3-D art for decades and produced his first bronze bust 20 years ago. Frustrated with the cost of bronze after 10 years, Wise switched to welding steel. Steve is true rock and roll enthusiast, with over records LPs and 45s in his personal collection.

Big Tech to the Rescue! Earnings this Week

He has taught the History of Rock and Roll class multiple times prior, with great reviees. Don has been crafting with stained glass for approximately 10 years. A craft introduced to him by his father, Don has spent thousands of hours perfecting his hobby. Don graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts degree in He has one daughter — Marlena.

IE8 is not supported by this website. Please download the latest version of IE. If your operating system will not support newer versions of IE, you can download Firefox or Chrome. Search for:. Who Are You? Kevin W. Boyd, M. Valoree Boyer Valoree Boyer is a nationally certified sign language interpreter.

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Gary Colles Gary has been making artisan cheese for twelve years. Sue Deese Sue started practicing Tai Chi in Randy Dirks Randy gained his computer expertise through his wide and varied work history. Joan Ezinga, M. John Grap John is an experience journalist and award-winning visual storyteller who is adept at promoting his work on Facebook and Twitter.

Megan Loyer Megan graduated from Kalamazoo College in and has been circus enthusiast for 6 years now.