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As a visceral response, food manufacturers saw the profitable opportunity of creating new lines of reduced fat and fat free food products. Market messaging took our minds off calories, and instead, focused on products with reduced fat content. Manufacturers substituted saturated animal fats with vegetable fats and sugars, keeping the calorie content at the same level.

The campaign to reduce fat consumption in America had some unintended consequences, as consumers increased their uptake in carbohydrates in the form of refined starches and sugar products. Simultaneously, the rates of chronic illness , including heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, and obesity, soared to new heights.

Get the Skinny on Fat

This issue is all too similar to many other health issues of our time, as the organizations that supplied much of the evidence pushing for fat-free diets are supported in part by the food industry, prejudiced by conflicts of interest. That evidence, often based on short-term studies, has shaped U. Dietary Guidelines for decades. Whether or not industry intentionally misled consumers is essentially irrelevant. The consequences are the same. Americans changed their habits based on faulty science supported by government funding, possibly resulting in a negative outcome for those who followed their advice.

The Focus for Health Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that every individual has access to the information necessary to make optimal health decisions for themselves and their families. As I was saying before, I cut out alot of carbs and sugar and I started to lose weight. At the same time I also increased my good oil intake by applying a liberal amount of olive oil to salads and cooking liberally with butter.

After 2 weeks I had lost 2kg. I hadn't even changed the amount I eat.

The Skinny on Obesity - Top Documentary Films

I was intrigued. I didn't mention that I was quite skeptical when I started watching the series.

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I thought this is working whereas before I had to fight off urges to eat things I knew wouldn't be good for me and more often than not I found myself unable to sustain my will power to abstain. Now the crucial thing to understand is this. Fat is satiating, ie it gives you a feeling of satisfaction and takes away hunger. After losing the 2kg I thought I would try an experiment on myself based on one of the interviews in the series with Dr Valter Longo who is the author of "The Longevity Diet".

He introduces the concept of the Fasting mimicking diet available as Prolon through l-nutra. I thought that I didn't want to spend the money on the fasting mimicking diet food so I came up with my own formula also from the series. While watching the series I discovered the coffee bomb which is made with one shot of coffee, 1 tbsp butter, 1tbsp coconut oil and a bit of stevia if you can't handle coffee without the sweet taste.

Add water to make up the volume and mix with a stick blender and there you have it. Looks just like a milk coffee and tastes good. This coffee bomb is so satisfying that you can go without food for a long time.

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Now besides feeling satisfied I got thinking that I need nourishment so I added bone broth to my diet made from organic chicken and vegies. It is so nutritious and satisfying. The fasting mimicking diet is 5 days I only stopped because I lost the 7kg I wanted to lose in that time. Yes that is right 7 kg in 8 days. I'm not saying everyone will lose the same amount as everyone is different. The thing about it is that I could have kept on going because I truly just wasn't feeling hungry. I did feel a little slugish at times but the bone broth seemed to take care of that.

Maybe if I do it again I will have some bone broth more often. Starting to eat again has to be done carefully. I read the Longevity diet book and have decided to adopt it in principle with the option of permitting myself to indulge occasionally. Well, I have shared my opinion and I hope someone gets something from it. If you do then pass it on and help someone else.

What's so difficult to understand? The documentary lost me once he said no food has both carbs and fat, and then lists avocados, olives, and coconut. All three contain carbs and fat. They are high fat fruits, but all fruits contain carbohydrates. Jimmy, I think you are confused about what sugar is. Sugar glucose is only a carbohydrate.

It is the smallest form of a carbohydrate.

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The problem is not with eating sugar. It's nearly impossible to completely avoid sugar. The problem lies with eating sugar alone, i. When this sugar is digested it immediately floods the bloodstream and the body has a hard time keeping up with this. However, when eating a fruit which contains a fair amount of sugar you are getting fiber and other nutrients. This helps slow the carbohydrate metabolism and allows to body to digest the carbs steadily, instead of all at once.

Imagine wanting only 15 cents in nickels, but you have a quarter. To get the nickels you have to breakdown the quarter into smaller parts--giving you 2 dimes and a nickel. To get the last 2 nickels one of the dimes must be broken down into 2 nickels. Now we have the 3 nickels we want. This is a slow process that happens over time. This is equivalent to consuming sugar from a fruit. Now imagine the same scenario, but instead of having a quarter you have 5 nickels. That's more than the 3 nickels we want. We have already met and surpassed our goal.

Western New York Docs Get the Skinny on Fat

This is a very fast process and nothing needed to be broken down into smaller pieces. This is equivalent to consuming sugar from a soda. Adam , I think you got a bit lost in translation. Already a subscriber? Sign in. See Subscription Options. Get smart. Sign up for our email newsletter. Sign Up.